Tomáš Stanek ASK

“It was during our previous collaboration that Jaro Vojtek contacted me for the film Children. We talked a lot during the preparations and it was a challenge to me to shoot the individual stories as to give each of them a special artistic spirit and to deal with the specific properties of this project. Thanks to the team being small and adaptable we could improvise and fully utilize also the documentary method of shooting. Some of the principles of shooting and working with non-actors we have already tried during some of our past projects. FilmChildren is a feature debut for me as well and Vojtek’s work has been a great experience for me.”

Tomáš Stanek (born 1980, Bratislava) graduated in DOP studies from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. As a DOP he focuses mainly on documentary films, feature films, advertisements and music videos. Since 2014 he is a member of the Association of Slovak Cameramen. He collaborated with Jaro Vojtek on feature documentary films like Back Passing (2008), The Border (2009), The Gypsy Vote (2012) and on short documentary Invisible hero from Slovak Cinema cycle (2014). He currently works on a film called Agave (directed by Ondrej Šulaj). He took part in films such as A Step Into Darkness (directed by Miloslav Luther, 2014), The Exhibition (directed by Peter Begányi and Andrej Kolenčík, 2012), Lost Holiday (directed by Lucie Králová, 2007). As a DOP he shot music videos for music groups Korben Dallas (Beh/Run), Lavagance (Blood) and singer Celeste Buckingham (Nobody Knows).