Pavlína Kalandrová

“In 2011 I received a screenplay by Mátyás Prikler that got my attention with its lifelikeness and artistic shortcut at the same time. As a producer of documentary films in main I was drawn to the project by the fact that Jaro Vojtek is a great documentary filmmaker, that the story of film Children draws on human fates that he knows personally and that the film as a project was created as an intimate one, be it the size of the creative team or the production team. After a test screening of the raw edit I was thrilled by the expression of the film that I just wasn’t completely able to imagine emerging from the screenplay. It showed that the documentary effectiveness of Jaro Vojtek in collaboration with Tomáš Stanko led to a simple expression that could carry a lot of meaning. All four of the stories feel like they reach an impasse, which is what I realized at the fifth viewing where also my young nephews living in USA were present. With the sincerity that the children possess they labeled the film as “something different than the Disney movies” and they asked why is it all so sad. I re-played each of the stories in my mind and I had to admit that not one of them had a happy ending. Despite that the movie doesn’t ring as a depressing one to me. How so? There is contemplation, open spaces, grand camera-work and simplicity of the situations in their everyday form – so there is not some staged tragedy or fear. The characters each fight their small battles and we contemplate it all. It was an honor to me to be a part of this project.”
Pavlína Kalandrová (1980, Prostějov) graduated in theatre studies and Czech studies from Palacký University Olomouc and in film and television production from Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. For almost a decade she has been working as a producer in the fields of theatre and cinematography, e.g. for a famous Prague theatre Archa, student film projects for Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts intended as bigger productions. She collaborates with documentary film festivals and Czech Television. She produced the documentary film Tripoint (directed by Klára Řezníčková, 2011) which earned Pavel Koutecký Award in 2012. As an executive producer she worked on four documents from a Czech-Slovak television cycle Customs Office. She is a founding member and one of the independent producers of Duracfilm production house (started in 2003). She ranks among the “Emerging Producers 2014” of the IDFF Jihlava.