Michal Nejtek

“I got to composing music for this film via Pavlína Kalandrová, a co-producer I have already worked with before on a performance at Prague Archa Theater. Marek Leščák’s screenplay already caught my attention even before Jaro Vojtek materialized it in the actual picture. It was the beauty of the ordinary, the appeal of non-staged and true situations, pseudo-documentary view without pretense. It is because I value all of this in literature (Raymond Carver, Jan Procházka) and films (Mike Leigh) that I am glad I could participate on this project. Composing music for such a film is no simple task. It is pretty clear it shouldn’t compliment the picture element so far as to follow it too closely, and that it should create a counterpoint, a different voice to it, but it also shouldn’t catch too much of an attention to itself by being too complicated. My intention was to compose several simple and distinct themes that we could work with in different contexts and situations. Because the music was supposed to be simple and true-sounding, I used acoustic instruments (clarinet, bass-clarinet, saxophone, cello, piano, accordion) almost exclusively, although often in peculiar tones or slightly electronically processed. I like when the music breathes, gives space to time, silence and the listener. That way the beauty of the ordinary may come to the fore in a different and surprising way. I certainly hope that with my music I contributed to the impact of this silent and at the same time very emotional film.

Michal Nejtek (1977, Litoměřice) graduated in musical composition from Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and finished his doctor’s degree at Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. His graduate’s opera Dementia Praecox earned him the festival director’s award at Opera 2003 festival. The recording of the composition Ballo Nella Notte was chosen by Czech Radio for International Rostrum of Composers at UNESCO in Paris. His music was played e.g. at Klangspuren festival, Wien Modern in Austria, Festiwal Muzyki Nowej in Poland, Forum Neuer Musik or Artacts ’04 – Festival für Jazz und Improvisierte Musik in Germany, Music Gallery in Canada, Trieste Prima in Italy or Prague Spring International Music festival. He also earned Generation award for composing in 1999, 2000 and 2001.
For the last ten years he has also been composing scenical music. For his music in Exit 89 performance (directed by Jiří Havelka, 2008, Archa Theatre in Prague) he received a nomination for Alfréd Radok Award in 2009. As a pianist, composer and dramaturg he has worked since 1998 in AGON orchestra, which introduced a profile concerto from his compositions in Archa Theatre in Prague in 2002. He also performs as a solo artist, focusing on contemporary classical music, having also performed in various Prague jazz bands. As a pianist he is a part of David Koller’s band.