“Film Children comprises of four stories on the fragility of human relationships, insecurity and decisions. The main subject concerns the relationships between parents and children or children and parents with their purity and sincerity or, on the other hand, loneliness and inner insecurity. Each of the stories was inspired by something else. Some originated during works on other documentary films that I did with Jaro Vojtek, others are personal. Our ambition was to tell the stories with the authentic power and emotional urgency as to create a unit that forces the spectator to think on how they would react in situations that the protagonists of each of the stories are incapable of solving. Because being in a relationship, be it given or not, it brings not only the joys but also many headache-inducing situations when we never really know what the ideal solution is. Yet the closest relationships and our roles in them determine who we are in the end.” 
Marek Leščák (1971, Bratislava) graduated in dramaturgy and screenwriting from Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava where he currently works as a lecturer. As a screemwriter he participated on films that received numerous awards in Slovakia and abroad, e.g. The Garden (directed by Martin Šulík, 1995), Orbis Pictus (directed by Martin Šulík, 1997), The City of the Sun (directed by Martin Šulík, 2005), Here We Are (directed by Jaroslav Vojtek, 2005), Blind Loves (directed by Juraj Lehotský, 2008), The Border (directed by Jaroslav Vojtek, 2009), Fine, Thanks (directed by Mátyás Prikler, 2013), Ilja (directed by Ivan Ostrochovský, 2010), Gypsy (directed by Martin Šulík, 2011), Made in Ash (by Iveta Grófová, 2012), Miracle (directed by Juraj Lehotský, 2013) and a film project Slovakia 2.0 (“President’s funeral” story, directed by Martin Šulík, 2014).