Jaro Vojtek

„The subject of my film concerns relationships. Those that are given to us by fate and we cannot just abandon them all of a sudden. The relationship between parents and children that impacts our whole life, has always been an interest of mine. It is given, we are born into it and there is nothing else we can do about it than to live it, feel it, experience it and take care of it or not. For example I am contemplating the relationship of a sick boy living in his own world and his father, who despite his efforts cannot reach him, or I try to capture a boy’s delicate world which is disrupted by an inconsiderate taunting by his stepfather. I intended to talk about different forms that relationships may take. Therefore I chose four stories that together bring a certain emotion – an emotion of identity. I’m asking myself, what does shape us? How can we escape the predetermination of these relationships and find personal freedom? Are we capable of achieving this?

Jaro Vojtek (1968, Žilina) graduated in directing of documentary films from Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava (1994-1998) at Professor Dušan Hanák. He currently teaches at the department of documentary film directing. Since 1993 he has directed several short and mid-length documentaries. His feature debut Here we are (2005) was introduced at IFF Karlovy Vary and several others, collecting many awards, e.g. main award at international human rights documentary film festival One World in Prague in 2006. His second feature documentary film The Border was premiered in 2009 and won Between the seas Award for the best Eastern European documentary film at IDFF Jihlava and was even featured at prestigious Spectrum section at IFF Rotterdam. His TV series Children about children (2011) received a nomination for Prix Jeunesse award at IFF Munchen. His other documentary The Gypsy Vote (2012) was introduced at international festivals in Warsaw, Jakarta and Minsk and received a special Silver eye award at IDFF Jihlava. He received Crystal Wing award for audiovisual production in 2012.