The first feature film by celebrated documentary filmmaker, Jaro Vojtek, presents an authentic picture of damaged family relations, while illustrating that we are indeed closest with our closest ones, although the relationship may sometimes be too much to handle.

Son, Marathon, Canary, and Dad – four short films which together create one, compact view of the diverse relations between parents and children. A father trying to cope with the inaccessible world of his autistic son, a young man who cannot bear the separation from his family, a boy living with an insensitive and tyrannical stepfather, a betrayed woman taking care of her dying father – each character copes with their difficulties in their own way. They choose to visit to a healer, escape from prison, go to a canary exhibition, take a trip to the sea. Are the characters trying to escape their problems, or are they trying to find a way of coming to terms with them?

Each of the four short films is set in a different season. Together the films create a multilayered mosaic of relationships which reflect hopes, disappointments and decisions that we inevitably have to make. Only one thing is certain – life is what we get, not what we want…


Main theme



  • zboron

    Martin Horváth

    Martin Horváth (1989, Spišská Nová Ves) lives in Vilčurna town part in Spišská Nová Ves and is a father of a daughter and two sons. He works at the airport in Spišská Nová Ves. He is glad of having a job, especially when he can dig some earth or help out the bricklayers. In the story called Marathon in Children he played the role of the main protagonist. He was found in a Roma settlement where also a part of the story took place by assistant director Juraj Baláž who invited him for the casting where Jaro Vojtek chose him.

  • nagy

    Arnold Nagy

    Arnold Nagy (2003, Šahy) starts his eight-year term at the Dobšiná High School. As it is with all boys his age, the thing interests him the most is his tablet device. Provided he doesn’t play some game on it at the moment, he likes to ride a bike. In the story called Canary he played the main role and he would certainly love to repeat the experience and become a full-time actor in the future.

  • bubla

    Roman Bubla

    Roman Bubla (2002, Bratislava) attends primary church school in Vajnory in Bratislava. His favorite pastime is soccer. Besides that he also loves his brother Thomas. He is a lively boy, always in motion, although in the story called Son in film Children he played the role of an autistic boy. As an extra he played in TV shows Wine of Passion and Supernetwork.

  • felix

    Richard Felix

    He graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Since 1991 he performs for the Radošiná Naïve Theatre as an actor, a dancer and a musician. He plays in productions such as Out of the air, Jááánošííík after three hundred years and Chance of clouds. He performed in a TV show called City of Shadows and a feature film The Evil (directed by Peter Bebjak, 2012). In the story called Canary in film Children he performed a role of one of the main protagonists.

  • Vlado-Zboroň

    Vlado Zboroň

    Vlado Zboroň (1960, Námestovo) studied in the 1980s at the Facuty of Theology for three years. Currently he works as a waiter in Prašná Brána restaurant in Bratislava. In 1991-2000 he was a member of Stoka Theatre and co-creator of many of their productions. He would host in Disk Trnava Theatre. Since 2004 he works as an actor and co-creator in Skrat Theatre productions – Central Europe loves you (2004), Paranoia (2004), Snuff, croak and die (2005) and Inside of the inside (2013), a part of international project Parallel Lives – 20th Century through the Eyes of Secret Police. He appeared in episode roles in films such as The Last Bus (directed by Martin Snopek and Ivana Laučíková, 2010), Music (directed by Juraj Nvota, 2007). His role in the story called Son in film Children is his first main protagonist role in his career.

  • János-Gosztonyi

    János Gosztonyi

    János Gosztonyi (1926-2014, Budapest) was a Hungarian actor, director, playwright and lecturer. In 1945-1949 he graduated in acting in Budapest and spent another decade as an actor in Hungarian National Theatre. Since 1950 he had taught at Drama and Film Academy. In 1962-1976 he was the head of the Thália Theatre in Budapest. During his career spanning over half a century he performed in over 60 roles on the theatre floor, over 40 in films, including international films such as Jakob the Liar (directed by Peter Kassovitz, 1999) or Rasputin (directed by Uli Edel, 1996) and directed over 40 theatre productions. His role in the story called Father in film Children was his last.

  • bandor

    Éva Bandor

    Éva Bandor (1971, Štúrovo) started her acting career in 1990 in Thália Theatre in Košice. In 1996 she graduated in acting from Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and after finishing her studies she returned to Thália Theatre, where she performed until 2001. She is currently in her ninth year of acting at Jókai Theatre in Komárno. She performed as Helena in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, as Masha in Chekhov’s Seagull and as Lady Milford in Schiller’s Intrigue and Love. She received an award at Kisvárda Festival of Hungarian Theatres in 1996, 1998 and 2003. She began her career in films in 2003. She collaborated with Peter Kerekes on a documentary film 66 seasons (2003). She performed in short films They Are Not Your Husband (directed by Mátyás Prikler, 2005), Standard Bastard (directed by Milan Balog, 2005) and Minus (directed by Áron Mátyássy, 2007). Her first performance as main protagonist in earnest was in the film Love Me or Leave Me (directed by Mariana Čengel-Solčanská, 2013) and she also made an appearance in Fine, thanks (directed by Mátyás Prikler, 2013) and short film Honorary Citizen (part of film project Slovakia 2.0) (directed by Juraj Herz, 2014). In Children she appears as the main protagonist in the story called Father.




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